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Clavusin is a dietary supplement that helps with foot fungus, nail fungus, and foot decay conditions. It also strengthens your immune system not to succumb to such infections that may endanger your life.


Clavusin is a dietary supplement that helps with foot fungus, nail fungus, and foot decay conditions. It also strengthens your immune system not to succumb to such infections that may endanger your life. The creator of this product, Mark Thompson, had a similar fate and had to fight this fungal disease before he found the formula for this supplement.

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The proprietary formula of this supplement came from an African tribe’s secret recipe that keeps their feet tip-top shape. This blend from Kenya has kept generations of tribe members from fungal harm even though they walked barefoot and didn’t have regular access to basic sanitary supplies such as soap.

Clavusin is pegged as something cheap, simple, and efficient. It doesn’t entail any expensive medication or procedure. It is backed by studies from several institutions such as The Journal of European Academy of Dermatology and the National Center for Biotechnology Information. It is best used if you already have early signs of fungal infections. In summary, it is a nail fungus relief supplement made up of 100% all-natural and detoxifying ingredients used by almost 190,000 people worldwide, according to their official website.

Clavusin recommended dosage is two (2) capsules per day. It is best to take it after lunch or dinner for maximum effect. Take the dietary supplement pills with a big glass of water. Do it consistently at the same time of day for full results. Each bottle contains 60 capsules each, so they should last a solid 30 days from the time of first use.

How does Clavusin work?

Clavusin works by neutralizing these heavy metals and environmental toxins inside our bodies. Surprisingly, studies have shown that our modern food is contaminated with dangerous chemicals such as these. As a result, they damage our gastrointestinal tract and ultimately compromise our immune system. Furthermore, some mycotoxins use these heavy metals as “slingshots” to strengthen their invasion into your whole body.

What does Clavusin do?

Clavusin is made to eliminate fungus and several toxins right at its tracks. It can also help thick, brittle, and crumbly toenails to get their glow back. This supplement can also deal with ugly and painful skin rashes that may make your day much worse than usual.It combines 12 all-natural ingredients to do this into a tightly-knit capsule. Created by Mark Thompson and Dr. Larson, you are assured that this proprietary blend can target your stubborn nail fungus and relieve it once and for all without breaking the bank, of course.

Clavusin Ingredients

Clavusin only has five declared ingredients. It is a mystery why they kept the seven other ingredients in the shadow, but that is their issue regarding credibility.

Anyhow, we will look at five of their ingredients and see if they are indeed great additions to the fungal threat that people are encountering right now.

Clavusin ingredients include:

Psyllium Husk



RootBlack Walnut

Bentonite Clay

Psyllium Husk
The primary ingredient in the Kenyan anti-fungal blend from which Clavusin comes, psyllium husk, is rich in antioxidative and antimicrobial properties. These all-natural fighters tend to keep fungal infections at bay and relieve the feeling of pain and itching. This, in turn, makes it easy for your body to recover from the fungal problems it’s experiencing right now.

Clavusin’s second-in-command, L-acidophilus, has been found to protect your body against a variety of toxins, including the infamous mycotoxins. So it’s not just a probiotic that improves your digestive health, but it also protects you from nasty things that you eat!

Glucomannan Root
The extract of this root inhibits the growth of fungal, yeast, and mold infections inside our bodies. However, this perk only happens if it is partnered with L-acidophilus, making this ingredient better suited to this blend in general.

Black Walnut
Clavusin is not complete without support ingredients. Black walnuts have properties that can fortify your skin and strengthen your immune system. Furthermore, it can even stimulate your body to drain your fungal infection altogether.

Bentonite Clay
Meanwhile, bentonite clay is on the list because it aids with keratin production in our fingernails and toenails. So not only will it make them stronger and healthier from the outside, but it also has the same stimulating effects as black walnut, which also expels these toxins out of your body for good.

Clavusin Benefits

Clavusin benefits are simply overwhelming. Fungal infections are considered one of the worst things that individuals may face. Daily, our immune system keeps them at bay. Initially, they are not that life-threatening, but because they take advantage of things, they will most likely hit you the hardest when your defenses are down. In that sense, this supplement also counteracts the fungus with overwhelming superiority.

Clavusin benefits are as follows:

  • No surgeries needed
  • It costs only a few pennies every single day
  • It gives you solid and healthy-looking nails
  • Protects you from scratchy and brittle skin
  • Relieves pain in your feet
  • It eliminates the foul smell coming from your feet
  • Erases any evidence of fungus in your body
  • It gains you the confidence that you need
  • Works with adults of all ages
  • Easy to swallow capsules
  • May work in just one week
  • May help your varicose veins disappear
  • It gives you stronger and healthier bodies
  • Your memory may improve

The list goes on and on. This supplement helps you rise to the occasion and combat the fungal threat that’s currently present. Yes, we can’t directly change our lifestyle due to modern food processing, but we can do our best to make it happen to the fullest.