Foot Trooper antifungal spray

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Foot Trooper is the most powerful natural antifungal and antiseptic agent. Destroys the fungus, its spores and mycelium, does not allow it to multiply further.


Multifunctional foot spray based on a proven recipe.Active ingredients: Tea Tree Oil. The most powerful natural antifungal and antiseptic agent. Destroys the fungus, its spores and mycelium, does not allow it to multiply further. It is not addictive.

Foot Trooper is an innovative bio-spray solution formulated only with natural ingredients and featuring excellent biological compatibility, which specifically acts on mycosis of the feet and nails.

Foot Trooper is an anti-mycosis lotion which is sprayed on diseased skin and which, in addition to eliminating infecting microorganisms, helps to dry the epidermis and eliminate bad odours.

More than 50% of people at least once in their life are affected by mycosis of the skin and nails, a disorder that takes a long time to heal.

Using Foot Trooper regularly  it is possible not only to permanently solve the problem, but also to shorten the healing time.

Flaking, cracking, changes in color and consistency, itching and burning are typical manifestations of fungal infections, which disappear quickly after just a few applications of the product.

How does Foot Trooper spray work?

The stages of development of mycoses are as follows:

  • phase 1, which can be asymptomatic or have only a slight skin redness, scaling and bad smell;
  • phase 2, in which evident red spots, cracks on the skin, intense burning and involvement of the nail plates appear;
  • • phase 3, which manifests itself with the appearance of real lesions associated with deep peeling of the skin and persistent pain, which often prevents walking.

Foot Trooper is a natural remedy that acts on all stages of development of skin fungi, blocking the proliferation of spores and restoring the normal epidermal structure.

Its mechanism of action, which depends on the 100% natural components, is effective from the first uses as it acts directly on the cells, killing the spores.

What is the formulation of Foot Trooper?

This product has been extensively tested by the Military Forces who, forced to wear very heavy and anti-perspirant boots for long hours, often developed similar ailments.

Its formulation has been tested by over 2 million soldiers who have significantly improved their conditions of well-being in the lower limbs, subjected to continuous mechanical and thermal stress.

The creator of Foot Trooper, Evan Durham, communicated that its formulation was inspired by a recipe of the Natives who lived in the Asian jungle and who, necessarily, walked barefoot in the middle of the vegetation.

Being in service in the army as a paramedic, he was very often struggling with dermatological disorders of the feet of soldiers who were on mission in precisely those areas, where the hot and humid climate greatly worsens mycoses.

According to his testimonies, the soldiers’ feet rotted day after day, until they developed such severe pain that they were immobilized.

Based on an ancient recipe of the local inhabitants, it was therefore possible to prepare a decoction based on silkworm cocoons, honey, mint leaves and citrus oil until a solution was obtained in which the gauzes were immersed to wrap the aching feet of soldiers.

Surprisingly, the military healed in a few days and, based on these results, the nurse made the decision to patent an anti-mycosis preparation, capable of destroying the protein structure of the fungus and also eliminating its spores.

In a second step, the Foot Trooper formula was enriched with clotrimazole, a disinfectant and sterilizing compound on the skin.

How to use Foot Trooper spray

To get quick and effective results you need to use Foot Trooper by following a few tips:

  • wash your feet thoroughly;
  • dry them with a soft cloth;
  • spray the product on the entire injured surface;
  • wait 1-2 minutes to allow its absorption;
  • wear clean socks;
  • put on shoes.

Foot Trooper must be applied every day for at least a month because, even if the results are already noticeable after the first week, all the spores need to be eliminated from the skin.


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